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Tips for the Exam

From Previous Students:

There is a great deal to be said about EXPERIENCE and at Logistics Training Systems, we feel that there is a lot of useful information to be shared by people who have taken the US Customs Broker Exam. We have asked a few of our students to do just that for you. Here are thoughts from students who have "been there, done that," what study methods worked for them, and in some cases, what they might do differently for the next exam.

Because of our strict Privacy Policy, no names, addresses or e-mails will appear on any of these letters. This policy has also allowed everyone to be brutally honest in what they wrote. These are the opinions of the authors, and are not necessarily the opinions or recommendations of LTS.

We sincerely hope that you can benefit from these Words of Wisdom.

Tabbing and Previous Exams

Perseverance and Dedication

How I passed with a protest


The Ten Golden Rules

I Passed the April Exam!

Follow The Directions!

How I passed with a 92%

The Textbooks is as powerful as the 19CFR

Challenging a Question Takes Time and Work

Become your own teacher!

If you have English as a Second Language

You don't have to be Young or Experienced

Designate a Study Room

If you think you don't have enough background in this business

Sacrifice & Commit

Don't Start Too Late

How to Start Studying and Stay on Track

Studying, taking the test, test day

Develop your own style of studying

Classify, Classify, Classify

Classify and Tab

Short cuts and tricks

The test is not a joke

Do not assume

Test Day

Study using all of your senses

Practice Tests

Every question is important

The test is hard


Study Plan

Read, Test, Reread, Test Again

What you HAVE to do to pass

Whatever it takes to pass

How to Study for the Exam

Cheat Sheets!