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It is critical for any Customs Broker Exam Course to be able to respond quickly to both the Students needs and the changing environment within CBP. At Logistics Training Systems we update and reorganized our textbook for every semester. 


THE NATIONAL PASSING AVERAGE: Sadly, less than 5% of those taking the test pass on their first attempt, because of the lack of proper test preparation.

Our new Textbook also covers the new Part 190 of the 19CFR!

That’s WHY! All our study materials were designed after several years of listening to what our students were saying they needed to perform better on the Customs Broker Test. (see About Us)

Don’t take our word for it …

Take a look at an actual chapter in our new Customs Broker Training Textbook.


  • User-focused. Allowing you to find the information faster and to understand complex regulations.
  • Background and Experience Sensitive. It allows those who need and want detail to find it quickly and those who don’t to scan for relevant points.
  • Arranged to save you 20%-40% on your reading time because you can find the information quickly and it is easier to read.
  • Broken Down Into 34 Chapters- Guaranteed to make Study and Review faster because specific information is easier to find.


  • It has Graphics, pictures and tables that are an integral part of the text. You won’t have to flip-flop to find what you need.
  • A Cross Reference Index between your textbook, the 19CFR and the HTS

All our materials are updated every six months to remain current with changes in the law. If a major change occurs, during the course period, we will post the changes in your Students Corner. This allows you to immediately incorporate the information into your textbook.

Be assured that with Logistics Training Systems, you will always be studying the best and most updated materials possible in Customs Broker License Training.