Basic Study Program – October Semester


This program will ship you:

  • Copyrighted Textbook – 34 Chapters with a Cross Reference Index between your textbook, the 19CFR and the HTS
  • Companion Workbook – hundreds of previous exam and classificaton questions with detailed analysis online
  • References Book – additional references and directives required by CBP

You’ll be given access to an online course with study tools and exam support.

NOTE: This is for the October 2021 Semester; passwords expire on October 2021 Exam day. 

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This program will ship you:

  • Textbook, Workbook, References Book (shipped to you)
  • Audio series (over four hours in mp3 format)

Also, you’ll have access to these resources online: Study tools

  • Changes in the law or CBP requirements
  • Advice on coordinating the HTS and 19CFR with your textbook and workbook
  • Answers for the End of Chapter Review Questions
  • Answers and Analysis for the Classification and Previous Test Questions in your Workbook
  • A Tabulating System for your 19CFR and HTS
  • Classifications and Valuations Chapters that are substantially covered and explained
  • Clear Definitions
  • Instructions on how to classify goods quickly and easily

Exam Support

  • Instructions for Exam application
  • Many tips and tools for Exam day
  • Previous Customs Brokers Exams
  • Answers and Analysis for Previous Exams

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