Extended Studies Virtual Classroom Program


This program is intended for previous students of any LTS program.

This program does not include new textbooks or audio, but it does include a Class Notes Book, that you will receive, when you attend the class.

This Program Includes Video Lectures on Valuation, Classification and Special Programs as part of your Pre-Class preparation!

See current dates and more details of this program.

Please see the Description tab below for all requirements of the Extended Studies programs.

And remember, if you were not a student for the last immediate semester (April or October), you MUST purchase a new set of textbooks for this program. See Description for more details and the button below to purchase.

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This program is only for Previous Students of Logistics Training Systems. AND:
If you were not a student for the last exam, then you need to order a new set of textbooks to go with this program. The updates for this program are only for the current semester.
  • Failure to order a set of new textbooks with an Extended Study Program will result in your order being delayed until the order has been placed. No passwords will be sent until the textbooks have been ordered. There will be no refunds for failure to order a new set of textbooks.
  • To order a new set of textbooks with your Extended Studies Program, see the button below.

The Extended Study Programs do not include:

  • Audio – MP3 Files
  • New set of textbooks

The Extended Study Programs do include:

  • All of the updates to the textbook
  • New password to the Students Corner which will be good until the APRIL 2021 EXAM
  • We will continue to provide you with updates, when needed, as you move forward into the new testing period.
  • More details are listed here.

If you join any of the Extended Study Classes and then decide to join another more expensive program, the cost of the programs are independent of each other, and you will not be given credit for the lesser one toward the more expensive one.

All Sales Are Final with all of the Extended Study Programs. There will be no refunds after your passwords are sent to you nor can you move the program to another semester.