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About The Basic Study at Home Program

What you will recieve:

  • A copyrighted Textbook - 34 Chapters with a Cross Reference Index between your textbook, the 19CFR and the HTS
  • A Companion Workbook - after chapter quizzes and hundreds of previous exam and classification questions with detailed analysis
  • A References Book - additional references and directives required by CBP

The LTS Textbook, Workbook and References book can be taken into the exam!

After you register you will be issued a password into a special section of our website called the Students Corner.

There you will find:

  • Any Needed Updates - to changes in the law or CBP requirements
  • The first five chapters of our textbook are posted so that you do not have to wait until your books arrive to start your studies! - Chapter Sample
  • Reading and Study Instructions - how to coordinate the HTS and 19CFR with your textbook and workbook
  • Answers for the End of Chapter Review Questions
  • Answers and Analysis for the Classification and Previous Test Questions in your Workbook
  • A Tabulating System for your 19CFR and HTS - making things quick and easy for you to find during the test
  • Audio MP3's - highlights of each chapter

  • **Fast Facts to take with you into the exam:

    • A Time Frames Chart
    • Fines and Penalties Chart
    • Special Programs Summary Chart
    • Metric Conversion Chart
    • Chapter Cross Reference
    • Security Filing Data Requirements
    • The MPF and Preferential Trade Programs Chart
    • Textiles and Footwear Classification Document
  • Instructions on how to take the test and time management!
  • Exam information - where to file your application and how to fill out the form.
  • A Video on Quick Tips for the day of the test
  • Instructions on how to take the test and time management!
  • How to complete the new online Application for the Exam
  • Previous Customs Brokers Exams - every test since 2005!
  • Answers and Analysis for these Previous Exams
  • A Bulletin Board

Plus a few little extras you've been hoping to find:

  • Classifications and Valuations Chapters that are substantially covered and explained
  • Clear Definitions
  • Instructions on how to classify goods quickly and easily
  • How to take the test with CONFIDENCE in your ability!

If you decide that you want to upgrade to a more extensive program, perhaps one with an instructor, we will credit you with the complete cost of The Basic Study at Home Program, and register you for any of our other programs.

Check out our Complete Course Curriculum! We are so sure you will be impressed by the quality of our Textbook, we want you to preview a complete chapter that we have posted on our Textbook page.

Students will need to have their own copy of the 19CFR and the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the US. These can be purchased here.

Your password into the Students Corner is good for one semester or from the day you receive your study materials until the day of that semester's exam, either April or October.

Passwords and the new April 2022 Textbooks will be sent out on October 15, 2021 for the April 2022 semester.

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