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The Distance Learning with Instructor Program only $595.00

Start Studying today for the October 25, 2017 Exam!

About The Distance Learning with Instructor Program

The National Customs Broker & Forwarders Association of America
This Course Has Been Approved By:

The National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA) for 20 CCS credits.

This program is especially designed for the person who can't possibly make it to a classroom module. It offers the convenience of studying at home, PLUS the Instruction you would get in a Classroom Environment!

  • A Self-Paced Learning Program for a Fast-Paced World.
  • Set Your Own Schedule For Completion!
  • Got a Question? Don't Understand the Concept? Ask the "Real Live" Teacher Assigned to You!

A true convergence of web technology and traditional formal learning methods


  • ON-DEMAND Video Reviews of the entire Textbook!
  • A set of Class Notes, for each review, that you can take with you into the exam!
  • Your own PERSONAL INSTRUCTOR from the time you start UNTIL THE TIME YOU FINISH!
  • An ONLINE TEXTBOOK, for your travels! Travel without having to carry those heavy textbooks! All you will need is an Internet Connection!
The Perfect Choice if You Want the Classroom Experience WITHOUT the Travel Hassles!

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