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Student Comments on the Miami Evening Classes

We wish there was room to put down everyone's comments, but we had to limit this to just a few, besides there are just so many ways to say I PASSED! Because of our Privacy Policy we never release our Students Names:

Everything LTS had to offer, from the classroom, to the study materials to the knowledgeable instructor were all  valuable tools to my success in passing this exam.  I was a student of the Miami Evening class and I was very happy with the course itself and all of the study content provided to us.  The instructor was great!  She engaged us in her lectures and made the learning of this material interesting and easy to understand.  She  answered all of our questions, always made sure we understood the content, and gave us personalized attention if we needed it.  If we had questions in between classes, we were always able to access her online and she always responded in a timely manner. 

The study materials were all very thorough and easy to understand.  The suggested way to organize the books on a catalog rack and the recommended tabbing method were key components to being able to find the answers quickly during the exam.    

I highly recommend LTS to anyone looking into taking the customs broker exam.  If you follow the study plan and all the great advice LTS has to offer, you will succeed and pass this exam, no doubt!!

Miami, FL

This course give a lot of good strategies and info on how to attack the test. It really helped me make sense and manage all the info we need to know for the exam. I would have been really lost without this course and Suzy's help. She was very exact with explanations and very knowledgeable in the customs field. Great Instructor, always willing to go over the material if needed.


I am happy to report that I was one of the lucky few to pass the exam! Please receive my sincerest appreciation for all the support and extend my sentiments to my instructor; Suzie.

Miami, FL

Thank you! I must say with the guidance of your wonderful instructor Suzie Medina I was able to pass this dreadful test. She was exceptional in providing testing and study tips as to how to pass this exam. The material you guys provided is very organize and has everything to help you pass the test;if you study the material.

Miami, FL

I passed!!!!!!!!!!!

Great I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miami, FL

Well, it has been a really tough 3 months for me since I decided to register for the Miami Evening Class / Customs Brokers License Program on Aug 12th till now. I just wanted to say thank you LTS for your excellent program, special thanks to Suzie my instructor for her assistance and for giving me the confidence I needed it and of course I want to thank the most important: my husband, who even though could not apply for a license due to his government job, took the LTS course with me and gave his infinite support and understanding which were the key for me to pass this test on my very first try!!!. Once again thank you Logistics Training Systems and thanks to everyone who helped me on this journey!!!.

Cutler Bay, FL

I cannot thank Logistics Training Systems enough for their excellent program. I don't think I would have passed the exam if I had not signed up for their course. They have so many helpful tools-the website with the student corner that provides students with so many vital tips and information, the workbooks and textbooks that really breakdown and explain the material, and of course the knowledgeable and friendly instructor.

Miami, FL

Thanks for all your encouragement, and help. I could not have done it without the wonderful guidance and training by Logistics course. Suzie was the best, and following her lead, and your study materials, it paid off.

Miami, FL

I thought I passed when I scored my test, but now I have the actual letter from CBP. It's official… I passed with 90%, or 72/80.

Miami, FL

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