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Student Comments on our Distance Learning Program

We wish there was room to put down everyone's comments, but we had to limit this to just a few, besides there are just so many ways to say I PASSED! Because of our Privacy Policy we never release our Students Names:

I passed the exam, as a first time test taker. I started a bit late, worked very hard, and my family made a lot of sacrifices, now it all paid off. I really appreciate all the teaching and mentoring from Penny, Joan and LTS training system, all crucial in helping me over the hump.
A big, heart-felt "Thank You!"

North Bellmore, NY

I received my letter from Customs the weekend and I passed with an 85%.  Thanks for all your support and encouragement over the past 7 months.  I think your course was excellent.  There's no way I would have been able to pass without taking it.  I will recommend this course to everyone who shows interest in taking the exam!!

Middleburg Heights, OH

I just received the result. I got 75%. I am so thankful for everything that you guys did for us.. You didn't just "drop us like a hot potato" when we finished your course. I am extremely grateful.. May your tribe deserve an applause. great follow up, good job guys...


I passed with a 91.25%. I am very excited and I must say that your program, references and the videos were my charms during the exam. Thanks to you and your team for putting this program together.

Jacksonville, FL

I wanted to inform you that I have passed the customs broker exam on my first try with a 78.75%.  Thank you so much to everyone at LTS for all your help and support these past 6 months.  Everyone went above and beyond to help me, especially regarding my living situation in England.  I would not have passed without the support of the instructors and the program.  Thank you so much because I cannot imagine having to take this thing again!  Once is more than enough!

Brookfield, IL

I want to THANK Y'ALL SOOO MUCH for everything you have done!! According to your opinion answers I PASSED the exam!! And it was all because of you guys!!!

Mandeville, LA

Based upon the LTS/and Customs posted answers for the Exam, I missed 12 giving me an 85%. I am a first time test taker who worked in the industry for over 10 years. Boy am I glad that part is over!!

Pittsburgh, PA

There is no way that I would've passed this exam without the help of LTS. The study program helped me to stay on task, their personnel was always available when I had questions or to provide feedback, and they were essential in test preparation during the last month. Interesting enough, ¾ of the people that took the exam in the same location as I did brought study materials from LTS.

Tallahassee, FL

I had taken and failed the exam once before using a different study program's materials and found LTS' study program to be the difference maker. While the other course primarily was the test reference materials and practice questions, LTS was the complete package. The textbook was, in my opinion, the way the 19CFR should have been written. Everything was presented neatly, bulleted for readability, and explained in easy to understand portions. The quizzes and practice test questions helped me to reinforce the material studied. Having an instructor also helps alot for when I needed a topic explained further. The videos really helped for review as the regulations are quite boring to read word for word. I also want to thank Peter Moyer for his webinars. I'm glad that the course test/review questions not only gave the answer, but also explained HOW the answer was reached. LTS' analysis of the previous test questions was essential in my understanding of why I answered questions wrong.

I'm thrilled that I passed and I owe it all to LTS' study program.

Freehold, NJ

I enjoyed the video lectures. What I liked most was the timing. It was nice to do a quick review of everything that we had already (or at least should have) studied and helped to keep it fresh on the brain. I also had been struggling on classification at first until your classification video pointed out that to me that I sometimes ventured to "anorak land". On the exam it appears that I only missed 2 classification questions out of 28. It was also good to hear a "real person" talk about the material and the exam. Now that this is over, I'm wondering about what to do with all of my free time, now that I have passed.


It's official. I learned today via mail that I passed the Customs Broker Exam! Your course made it possible. Your course helps the student focus on the areas of most importance. It also teaches you in plain English versus legal ease. The books, practice exams, online presentations, videos, and MP3 audios all help to learn and memorize what is most important to pass. Also, the personal attention, motivational emails, and when needed, telephone assistance add to the overall rich learning experience. I compared other courses before signing up and felt you had the most content and overall best value. After the exam I compared your draft answers with 2 other exam companies and yours was right on the money, whereas the other two had many incorrect answers. This clearly proves that your team is the most knowledgeable, and thus, who better to learn from. Kudos to everyone at Logistics Training!!

Anonymous (Big 4 Consulting Firm)

I have to tell you that your material is sooooo much better than Boskage. Lots more explanations, LOVE the videos, and the CDs are great. Things that I still couldn't understand the first and second time with the BOSKAGE material, I can see clearly now (the rain is gone..ha ha!) with your material. The visuals on your videos and the textbook are so helpful.

Tucson, AZ

I am glad to inform you that I passed the exam, and will apply to the custom broker license soon. Many co-workers and our customers are asking me about how I studied and passed the exam, so I told many of them about your program.

I am naturalized US citizen, and my native tongue is Japanese. Thus, many of them were very surprised about my success. To be honest, I translated every single sentence into Japanese, and wrote them down all over your textbook. I think my success proved that your textbook is very organized and understandable even for the foreigners like me. I became US citizen just last year at my age of 43.

Thank you very much for all your support. I am happy to recommend your program to everybody with full confidence.

Torrance, CA

Thank you and the LTS group for the excellent curriculum including the textbook and evaluations/explanations of exam answers. Additionally, your individual attention to my sometimes inane questions really helped. I am certain that I would not have passed the exam if I had not used your study course.

I was fortunate to pass the exam on my first attempt. I took your course for the October exam, but did not take the exam because my husband became a hospice patient with terminal cancer at the end of September and there was no way I could travel to Tampa to take the exam. (I called and left a message with CBP the Friday before the exam that I would not be present to take the exam, and they graciously refunded my exam fee.) SO, I started studying again in January with the appropriate April LTS exam materials - and voila!

Merritt Island, FL

I have worked for a broker for a little over 2 years, but before that knew nothing about brokerage...but once I started working for a broker, I knew I wanted to obtain my license. I took the exam after studying with Logistics, and passed (first try). I know I wouldn't have been able to do this without Logistics! The course really broke down each and every section into words which I understood (much of the CFR is really hard to understand). Not only did they make it understandable, but they provide helpful tips of what to tab, where to find information etc.. On top of all that, I had Penny who I could email any question to, and she would email me my quiz answers with helpful tips for studying, as well as answer every question. I have taken many online courses and Logistics is definitely the most user friendly! Thank you so much Logistics for helping me to achieve what I set out to do, couldn't have done it without you!

Derby Line, Vermont

THANK YOU! I passed, not bad for a first timer.....

I really want you to know that there is no way I would have passed this test if it wasn't for LogisticsTS.

You really went beyond any expectations to make sure we are ready for this test. I have no experience in Customs or cargo, so all of the Customs Broker material was new to me. But the course you offer is excellent, the material is easy to understand, and the previous tests analysis provided are crucial. I took all practice tests, I don't think I would have passed if I didn't.

Thanks again, I can't say enough good things about you.

Doral, FL

I wanted to let you know that I passed the Customs Broker test after taking it four times over a three year period. I had purchased study materials from other companies, but I was finally successful with your system.

Laredo, TX

My husband is the one that located your training program on the web, and he gave me all of the support I needed to "go for it" in addition to the money to pay for the training program -- which by the way, I feel was quite reasonable!

The study materials were everything - taking you to what you needed to learn and where to go. I truly believe that even individuals working for a broker and doing this work on a day to day basis would have a difficult time studying and knowing the areas that they needed to actually learn in order to take and pass the test -- Your program gives all individuals no matter their experience or expertise the ground work and foundation to actually learn and pass these difficult tests.

Since I do not perform import work, and only knew it from a carrier's standpoint, I am living proof that your program works!!!!!!! Without it (and of course my 2 months of studying it), I would not have passed - I would have been the larger 90% of the applicants taking the exam that would be looking at taking it again in April.

I highly recommend Logistics Training to anyone seriously considering the CHB license test!!! Thank you!

Federal Way, WA

Thanks to LTS--I passed w/ 81.5%!! I attempted first in October ; using another program, and missed by just a few points. I found your material much easier to read and understand; I will recommend to anyone else I know taking the exam in the future.


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