Our New Program Bundles

Save $$$ with a Bundled Program With OUR GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL PASS THE April 24, 2019 EXAM or you can continue your studies for free!

All of the bundled programs include, the program of your choice below, the LTS Books, the 19CFR and the HTS. Everything that you will need to Pass the Exam!

Purchase any one of these Discounted Bundle Programs listed below, and we promise that you can continue your studies for FREE, if you need to take the next exam. Think of it as insurance - just in case you don’t pass the first time! The second time is FREE! The only requirement is for you to make a commitment to do all of the reading, take all of the quizzes, the midterm, the final exam, attend all of the classroom presentations - if included in your program - and take the US Customs Broker License exam for that semester. If you don't pass the US Customs Broker License exam first time, which you should, don't worry! Just send us a copy of your letter of notification from CBP with your test score and we will immediately email you a new set of passwords into the Extended Study Enhanced Program for the next immediate semester. Online in your Students Corner, you will find the features you need to start studying for the next exam, plus any updates to your textbooks for your new exam semester. If you do not take the exam for your semester, you then void this option of your program.

You will receive the three LTS books, the unbound three hole punched 2018 HTS, and the spiral bound, two book edition of the 2018 19CFR to start your Studies for the April 24, 2019 Exam! The 2018 HTS and the 2018 19CFR are the current editions of these publications. You will need to purchase a 12" catalog rack separately to put your HTS upon. All the other features of these Bundled Programs will be found online in your Students Corner. The Bundled Programs are non-refundable. Passwords will be sent out during office hours after you register.

The Distance Learning + the 19CFR and the HTS
Only $795.00


The Distance Learning with Five Days Packages + the 19CFR and the HTS only $1,510.00


The Independent Study with Five Days + the 19CFR and the HTS only $1,310.00