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We offer you more:

All of our programs cover everything that you need to know to pass the exam, and we offer more choices in study aids and price.

  • We do not feel that anyone should be deprived of studying for this exam, just because they cannot afford a high priced program, so our programs start with a basic package ($250.00), which is designed for the truly dedicated student, and they expand upward to a five day classroom program ($1,295.00).

  • Do you know how you learn? This can be determined by answering a couple of questions. Can you sit and read a book with complete comprehension? Do you need more audio or visual input then just a text? After you decide what you will need to study with, then choose what study aids will be best for you, as well as what you can afford, which is also very critical.

  • The detailed value and content of our programs can be proven by the fact that our the classroom programs are approved by THREE Bar Associations for more CLE credits than any of other US Customs Broker Training programs available.

  • Additionally our classroom programs and our Distance Learning Program are approved by The National Customs Broker & Forwarders Association of American (NCBFAA) for 20 credits toward the Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) designation. That is a FULL YEAR of CREDITS!

Bottom Line:

We cover more and in greater detail than any other program currently on the market, because:

We update more:

Our Textbook changes, with regularity, because the law and the requirements for the exam change. To keep up with this fluidity we are constantly updating our course and course materials to provide the most accurate information for our students. We not only update our printed materials twice a year, but we are constantly updating the online material, even during the semester leading up to the exam.

We interact with our students more:

We are in constant contact with all of our students, both with course updates and testing information, but also with encouragement. Studying for this exam is a long process and you need someone, that you know is behind you, cheering you onward.

We care more:

We actually CARE whether or not you pass! We work hard to see that you do pass and we will continue to work with you even if you have to take the exam more than once.

More people pass:

We refuse to make outrageous and exaggerated statements on pass rates. But you should know that NATIONALLY the pass rate for the April 2017 exam was 31%, the October 2017 was 26%, the April 2018 was 12% and the October 2018 was 23%. The April 2019 exam only had a passrate of 11.25% with the October 2019 exam coming in at 4.2%.

While there are, or what appears to be, hundreds of companies selling videos, classes, and books on US Customs Broker License Exam Training, that make all kinds of ridiculous claims like "We have a 90% Pass Rate!," we know that more people pass the US Customs Broker License Exam using LTS materials than any other program available. So, even though the NATIONAL pass rate is low, the largest block of those who actually pass this exam has used one of the Logistics Training Systems programs.

Don't you want to be one of the Logistics Training Systems Students, who pass the US Customs Brokers License Exam?

The following statement came from one of our students, who just passed the exam:

"Starting from January, I put all my time and energy into studying. I did all questions both online and on the workbook, and spent the last 16 days finishing 10 previous exams your website provided. I didn't read the 19CFR at all, but still tabbed it. During the exam, I only used the textbook, workbook, HTS and my notes, plus the cheat sheets LTS created."

Note: While is shows both the accuracy of our textbooks, and the amount of detailed content, we do NOT recommend that you only use the LTS textbook to pass this exam! However, it should be noted that 70% of the questions on the regulations for the October 2018 exam could have been answered directly from the textbook. Another 10% could have been answered from the Fast Facts Sheets in the Students Corner.

What do our programs cost?

Take a look at our program comparison page.

Have a few more questions about the exam?

Not a problem! Check out: Frequently Asked Questions page.