A Customs Broker acts as an agent for an importer in conducting Customs business on their behalf. A Customs Broker can either be a private individual or a company. In order to be a Customs Broker you must be licensed by US Customs and Border Protection‚ Department of Homeland Security.

A Customs Broker prepares and files the necessary Customs entries‚ arranges for the payment of any duties found due‚ and takes steps to affect the release of the goods in Customs custody on behalf of a client. Additionally‚ a Customs Broker will assist the client with advice on transportation options‚ types of carriers‚ and shipping routes. The Broker will also assist the client with exchange rates‚ appraisals‚ and proper classifications and duties. In dealing with Customs‚ the broker must be aware of any potential problem involving every entry item represented‚ including cargo handling. This includes all factors affecting appraisement‚ exchange rates and the many regulations concerning calculation of duties. To do this a Customs Broker must have an excellent understanding of trade requirements‚ procedures‚ US Customs and tariff regulations‚ be fully aware of the vast number of commodities subject to quotas‚ be well-versed in determining proper classifications‚ and keep abreast of all amendments made through the constant changes in the law and administrative regulations.

It is not necessary to have any import or customs broker experience for any of our classes. We start all our students at the same level. This allows us to correct any misunderstandings or inaccurate information the student may have absorbed from another venue and to properly train the student with no expertise. Our textbook has two sections called History and Background and Prelude to Entry‚ specifically written for the student‚ with little or limited background in the business. These chapters give the new student both a history of Customs‚ and “the big picture” of the entire importation process‚ thereby orienting the new student before they start studying.

You can be assured that with Logistics Training Systems‚ you will always be studying with the most complete‚ innovative and current materials possible in US Customs Broker License Training.

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Here are the current requirements:

  • You have to be a citizen of the United States
  • You must not be an employee or officer of the US Government – this includes the US military (the National Guard are exempt‚ because they are state and NOT Federal) and the United States Post Office
  • You must be at least 18 years of age. 

To apply for your US Customs Broker License:

  • You must score a minimum of 75% on the exam‚
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Be a citizen of the United States.
  • You cannot be an officer or employee of the United States Government – this includes the US military (the reserves are exempt) and the United States Post Office.

You will have three years after you take and pass the test to apply for the license.

For example: You are a citizen of the United States‚ you do not work for the US Government‚ and you are 20 years old. You can sit for the exam‚ but you will not be able to apply for your license until you become 21 years old and are still NOT working for the US Government.

Once you have your license‚ it is valid in all 50 States and Puerto Rico.

The exam is only given twice a year, April and October. It consists of 80 multiple choice questions. It is an open book test‚ four and a half hours in duration. The exam tests the applicants’ knowledge and understanding of US Customs law and regulations as defined in the Code of Federal Regulations and the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States‚ and several Directives. The 19CFR‚ HTS‚ and our textbooks‚ are permitted reference material during the examination – most of the required Directives are included with our Textbooks. Students will need to purchase their own copy of the 19CFR and the Harmonized Tariff Schedules of the US. These can be ordered at a discount here.

The exam is held at private testing centers and administered by professional proctors. It is now in electronic format (on a computer) and the fee for the exam is $390.00. The dates for all exams will be on the fourth Wednesday in April and October, unless a change is posted in the National Register. Recently the CBP has offered a Remote Proctored Exam Delivery Option.

The test will be posted on the CBP website a few days after the exam. The answers will be posted a few days after the test is posted and you will receive an email with your test score soon after. The test is given at the same time all across the country‚ and in Puerto Rico. The registration application to take the exam is online. You must fill out the online form and have a Credit Card for the registration fee. This form is posted about 60 days before the exam, and you will have 30 days from that date to go online to register. We will notify all registered students when the registration period begins. We include the application instructions online in your class Students Corner. After you pass the test‚ CBP will send you a packet‚ which you are to fill out (credit report‚ fingerprints‚ references‚ etc.) and return to them‚ along with a $300.00 check. CBP will then do a background investigation on you. When that investigation is completed,  a special agent will contact you for an interview. After that interview, you will be sent your license. This process may take 3-12 months.

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTS) provides duty rates for virtually every item that exists. The HTS is a reference manual that is larger than an unabridged dictionary. It weights about 13 pounds and is best used when placed on a catalog rack. It is released by the government for publication in January of each year.

The Code of Federal Regulations (19CFR) is the law that governs Customs Brokers. It is released by the government for publication in April of each year. However‚ it usually has a delayed release date and sometimes is not available until August or later of each year.

HTS and the 19CFR are NOT included in the cost of any of our courses‚ and must be ordered separately, except for our Bundled Programs. The US Customs Broker Exam is based‚ along with other publications that are included with our programs‚ on these two reference materials.

Because of issues that our students have had over the years with the government publication of the 19CFR‚ such as the spines breaking‚ pages falling out‚ and the very thin pages ripping‚ we now print these books‚ specifically for this exam‚ in a unique spiral binding‚ on heavier paper. The spiral binding makes the books easier to handle when studying. It also makes them easier to handle while taking the exam. Instead of fumbling while trying to hold the 19CFR’s open and trying to write‚ these books will lay flat! Additionally‚ the heavier paper is perfect for adding notes‚ highlighting and underlining. But the best part is…we sell them at a discount!

We also print the HTS on heavier paper‚ because it is unbound we strongly suggest the use of a catalog rack for this publication. The HTS is a very heavy awkward publication and a metal catalog rack will hold it upright at an angle‚ making it both easier to see and use.

We provide a suggested tabbing system for both the 19CFR and the HTS.

You can purchase both of these reference materials here.

We are often asked this question because we offer such a variety of courses. You should make the decision, on which program to join, not only by cost, but by determining your individual learning style. Do you know how you learn? Can you study on your own or do you need a teacher? What study materials do you feel are important to you? Are you audio or visually oriented?

All of our programs are complete study courses. If you are a dedicated student (example: recent college grad) and can follow instructions independently‚ then the Basic Study at Home‚ is a complete course and may be all you need. If you require more visual instructions, online quizzes, videos on Classification, Special Programs and Valuation, a midterm and a final,  and visual memory ticklers then consider the Enhanced Online. If you only do well under the guidance of an instructor‚ who can answer your questions as they arise‚ then the Distance Learning Program might be best for you.  The Distance Learning Program includes everything in the Enhanced Online, but there are three advantages to the Distance Learning Program. The Distance Learning Program provides you with both an online textbook, for use while traveling as an example – in addition to the printed copy – and an instructor‚ who will correct your quizzes and answer any course related question. After you finish the textbook, you can review the entire textbook- right before the exam – with our On Demand Review Videos. But if you feel that you need the classroom experience‚ then seriously consider either the Virtual Classroom with Independent Study Preparation, which is the Enhanced Online Program with Virtual intense classroom or the Virtual Classroom with Distance Learning Preparation which includes a modified Distance Learning Program and the Virtual intense classroom review.

We also have a new set of Bundled packages that include all of our Instructor led programs, a 19CFR and an HTS, along with a guarantee that you pass the exam or you can continue your studies into the next Semester with the Enhanced Online Extended Study for Previous Students Program, all of this at a Discounted Price.

We have very rigid requirements for our instructors. They must be currently licensed Customs Brokers and well respected professionals. All of our teachers have a law‚ CCS (Certified Customs Specialist)‚ corporate training‚ or teaching background. As members of ICPA (International Compliance Professionals Association) they are currently working as Customs Brokers and/or Customs Consultants. Our instructors teach with the authority that can only be gained by working in the field! We only hire people who have the experience in this business needed to impart to our students‚ what they will be facing‚ in the “real world” as a Customs Broker. Good oral presentation skills and classroom dynamics are very important to us. At the end of each course students are asked to evaluate the course‚ the textbooks‚ and the instructor to ensure that we are meeting the students’ needs.

There are 34 chapters in the textbook. Each chapter will take approximately 3 hours to complete. Three chapters‚ Classification‚ Valuation and Special Programs may take 3-6 hours. This includes completing the reading in the textbook‚ the corresponding reading in either the HTS or the 19CFR‚ as well as the After Chapter Review Questions. This does not include doing the 800+ Previous Test Questions or the section of Classification Questions in your Workbook. Nor does it include doing any of the Previous Exams. Our recommended start date for all the programs is: As Soon As Possible. The sooner you start — the more time you will have to study!

Our online credit card processing is done through SSL secure connections with LTS accepts Visa‚ MasterCard‚ American Express and Discover. If you are paying by Visa‚ MasterCard‚ Discover or American Express‚ you can now register online by using the Register Button you will find on each of the program pages or by going to the navigation bar at the top of any page and clicking on REGISTRATION and click on the program of your choice. 

Our students who are enrolled in either the Distance Learning or the Distance Learning with Virtual Classroom receive unlimited access to an instructor via email for any course related questions during the Distance Learning Phase of their program. All emails are answered on or before 24-48 hours.

If you register for a program that does not have an instructor and later feel that you need an instructor or the study aids found in a more advanced program‚ you can upgrade to any other program by just calling the office. We will give you complete credit for your current program toward the more expensive program. This offer is ONLY good for the semester for which you are registered.

You can take the US Customs Broker Exam as many times as you wish. We have several Extended Study Programs for Previous Students that are designed to help you through the next exam process. All of the Extended Study programs will give you the necessary updates to your study materials that you need for the next test. Once you register for one of the Extended Study Programs you will be assigned a new password and username‚ which will be good until the day of the next exam. The Extended Study Programs do not include new textbooks or audio. However‚ if you wish‚ you can order new textbooks and audio‚ with any of the Extended Study Programs‚ for a small additional charge.

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You will have your choice of shipping when you register for your class. Charges are shown on both the online and the fax registration pages. All orders are subject to inventory availability. Orders placed Friday after 12 noon through Sunday will ship on the second or third business day‚ after your order is placed. Please Note: a business day is defined as a weekday (Monday thru Friday) excluding national holidays. This is an Estimated Processing Time‚ which is the amount of time it takes from the moment you submit your order until we pack it and FexEx picks it up for delivery to you. Estimated Processing Time varies based on the Shipping Method you select‚ when you order‚ and the order volume at our warehouse. Our credit card processing is done through SSL secure connections with LTS accepts Visa‚ MasterCard‚ American Express and Discover. Our online system will only accept charges from banks in the Continental US. If you are using another card please contact our office and we can take the order over the phone – Although a company‚ organization‚ or some other entity may provide the funds to purchase a program‚ the person registered is to be the sole recipient of the study materials‚ the passwords‚ and or virtual classes. There will be no replacement or substitution of personnel once the passwords have been issued. By placing an order you represent and warrant that you are 18 years of age or older and that all the information you are providing‚ including your email address‚ is accurate‚ current and complete. Unless your order is being shipped within the State of North Carolina‚ it is your sole responsibility and not that of Logistics Training Systems to pay any applicable sales and/or use taxes that may arise from your order. No deliveries will be made on Sunday or holidays. FedEx HOME will deliver on Saturday, but not MONDAY. Please select either Overnight or 2nd Day delivery for: Alaska, Hawaii‚ Puerto Rico and US Possessions or contact for info on shipping USPS. For international shipments‚ please contact us at with your name and shipping address‚ and we will give you a quote for shipping to that address. Failure to do so may result in your order being delayed. Ground Service is not available to P.O. Boxes‚ so please supply a physical address for delivery. Some rural addresses may require an additional day for delivery. All orders are shipped out of Connecticut‚ if you require a quick delivery please select either Overnight or 2nd day delivery. If you choose a residential delivery, and you live in a high density area, make sure that there is someone at the delivery address to receive your package, or you can call our office for signature delivery. Any lost or stolen packages are your sole responsibility. LTS is not responsible for lost or stolen books. If you live in a high density area, it is wise to consider contacting the LTS office to add the $8.50 signature delivery cost to your order. Your only recourse, without signature delivery, is to contact FedEx directly. Course Information and Passwords are sent to the email address used on your registration form. If you register for a program after business hours or on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday your passwords and course information will be sent on the next business day.

Purchase any of the Discounted Bundled Programs – The Distance Learning, The Independent Study with Virtual Classroom, or The Distance Learning with Virtual Classroom- and you can continue your studies for FREE, for the next semester with the Extended Studies Enhanced Online Program. You will be sent a new set of passwords to the Students Corner, where you will find the updates to the Textbook between the two semesters.

To be accepted into the next semester’s FREE Extended Study Enhanced Online Program, you must have: taken all of the quizzes, the midterm, and the final exam, attended all of the virtual classroom presentations, if your program includes a classroom, and you must send us a copy of your letter of notification containing your test score, from CBP, after you take the US Customs Broker Exam.  

Upon receipt of this letter, you will be sent a new set of passwords to the Students Corner, and you can start your studies again for FREE! This FREE bonus program offer is good once for the next immediate semester following your program, and it cannot be postponed to another semester. New textbooks, Reference books (19CFR and HTS), and Audio are not included in the Extended Study Enhanced Online Program. However, we will provide you with updates to the textbook, online in your Students Corner.

Failure to take the exam, regardless of the reason to do so, voids the option of the Free Extended Study Enhanced Online Program. However, the student can always continue with their studies for the next semester by registering for any one of the Extended Study Programs.

The Bundled Programs are nonrefundable and no exceptions will be made for any inability to complete the program.