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Workbook & References

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The NEW October 2021 Workbook is unique to the US Customs Broker License Training Field, and it can now be taken into the test with you as reference material.

Included in the Logistics Training Systems Workbook:

Logistics Training Systems Workbook
  • End of Chapter Review Questions
  • Classification Questions - with complete and accurate analysis of each question
  • Additional Previous Exam Questions - these are actual test questions, from the last several previous Customs Broker tests broken down by test category. We have also add a complete anaylsis of these questions, so when you are using our Workbook you will always have detailed answers for these Previous Test questions.

This is Perfect for taking with you into the exam.

Take a look at the Table of Contents from our Workbook and Refences Book!

Our NEW References Book - this book has All the additional references that CBP requires, and a little bit more, to help you with both the exam and your studies. This new addition to the LTS study materials features:

  • Business Rules & Process Document (Trade-External) Ace Entry Summary
  • All required Directives
  • The NEW 7501 and Instructions for Preparation of the Entry Summary Form - requirements for warehouse entry, constructing a valid entry number, MID construction
  • Transportation Entry - How to complete Customs Form 7512
  • A Glossary of Terms and Acronyms - commonly used in the logistics business.
  • Customs Forms
  • Drawback Entry - Completion of the Duty Drawback Forms - 7551 Drawback Entry, 7552 Delivery Certificate for Purposes of Drawback, 7553 Notice of intent to Export, Destroy or Return Merchandise for Purposes of Drawback

It is common knowledge that anyone can download the last few Customs Broker Tests from the US Customs website - - what is not understood is that Customs only furnishes the "Official Answer" to each test, and that each Customs Broker Exam generates at least one or more challengeable questions. (A challengeable question is a question that may have more than one listed correct answer or may not have any correct answer.)

So, if you download the last few tests from Customs, or you are just given a "copy" of the last few tests, you could very well be studying the wrong answers! Additionally the law changes - frequently! For the supplemental exam questions in our Workbook, we have taken apart the last several tests, analyzed each question, and then separated the questions by subject. You always have the correct answer when studying with our textbooks and workbook or when you are taking one of the after chaper quizzes! Our workbook not only solves the problem of "old" and "challengeable" questions, but also works to reinforce the chapter topic, allowing you to adapt to the Customs Exam Format as you are studying.

This is a WIN, WIN situation!