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We wish there was room to put down everyone’s comments, but we had to limit this to just a few, besides there are just so many ways to say I PASSED! Because of our Privacy Policy we never release our Students Names.


The team at LTS was informative and on top of their work. I came into this course with 0 prior customs knowledge or experience and passed the exam on my first attempt. Their study materials (available printouts and resources) and textbooks were incredibly helpful during studies and even the test itself. I really enjoyed the format of the course as I am used to Independent Study, and having a familiar student corner like Moodle was a great help. Without the team and their expertise, I surely would have failed. 

S.H, Glendale, CA
There is a lot of material to read, study and be able to find quickly, but the way it was presented by LTS made it manageable.  If you allow yourself enough time to follow the instructions, go through the materials in the order they are presented answering the chapter questions, working the given practice problems, and then leaving time to take past exams while simulating test day procedures (timing yourself, using the given materials and tabbing your materials), it will pay off.  I used the Independent Study with Virtual classes, taking full advantage of the textbooks, videos, MP3s and the weekend classes.  The online instructor was very knowledgeable and spent time answering individual questions.  Thank you LTS for helping me pass the first time through!
A.W., Collierville, TN

This course really helped me study for the test by categorizing and laying out all the necessary tools for me to pass the broker test. The study books broke down the material for better understanding and comprehension, along with the instructor’s classes. I would highly recommend taking the instructor course as it was helpful to get perspective from a previous Customs Broker. The staff was very helpful in answering any of my questions at any time of day and encouraging throughout the entire course. Remember to believe in yourself, study and pace yourself each day, and tab everything!

I was impressed with the quality of the training. I signed up for the bundled system. The study materials covered exactly what was needed to pass the exam. The online program worked well for me. The study material, textbook, workbook, and the reference book containing the customs forms were well organized and easy to use. The information provided online in the students corner was useful and easily accessible. The instructor was knowledgeable and helpful. It takes dedication and time to study, but I found everything I needed to pass the Customs Broker Exam.

L.A., Mooresville, NC

My Advice:

Start early- this is a LOT of material to cover. 
Create a study schedule working backwards from the week before the exam date (that week is a cushion for last minute review) and stick to your schedule. For example, I started studying during the final week of December to take the April exam. I was able to finish all of the reading, chapter quizzes, and midterm exam prior to the class. Plan on re-reading much of the content since it is a LOT to learn.
Focus- keep yourself engaged when you study. Use all of the materials: textbook, CFR, MP3 audio files, videos, classes, and supplemental information posted in the Student’s Corner. Be certain to complete the reading in both the CFR and textbook ahead of the classes to make the most of the classes, take and review all of the chapter quizzes, midterm exam, and practice exams. 

R.A., Wayland, MA

would say that no matter what LTS method you select to prepare for the Broker’s exam (self, class, online etc.) you must absolutely be disciplined with a studying schedule and organized with your materials (tab, tab, tab early!) What I loved about the LTS program was the variety in resources (mp3s, videos, quizzes, fast facts) which I found to be invaluable and made my studying experience more fun than just reading regulations. I also found the weekly emails helpful and encouraging during those weeks that I was starting to feel overwhelmed. 

M.P., Orlando, FL

I want to thank all of the people in your company for putting together a system that truly works. From the moment I received my first email, I knew I made the right choice. Everything from the guidance on mapping out a study plan, the invaluable workbook, the recommendations for tabbing the materials, the encouragement, updates, references and materials to take to the exam were superb. I committed to following your method and while it was not easy, it was doable and the proof is in the results. I passed and couldn’t be happier. Thank you for an outstanding course with great instructors and guidance!!

K.C., St Augustine, FL

The US Customs Broker Exam is difficult to pass, because most people don’t have the correct materials and the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable person in the US Customs Regulations and Procedures.  My experience with LTS was wonderful, they provide everything you needed for the exam.  The materials provided by LTS were perfectly organized to facilitate the understanding of the different procedures and connect them all at the end of the course.  LTS also provides a one week seminar, where they review each area and answer questions.  Mr. Peter Moyer has many years of experience working with US Customs Regulations, and Mrs. Joan Jenkins was always two step ahead with the information that we needed. They made the difference for me to arrive on the testing day ready for the Exam!  

G.D., Güayanilla, Puerto Rico, USA

This course is an excelent way to review for the exam. It helped me a lot. I would recomment it to anyone who needs to clear doubts, and be more confident when taking the exam, or just needs further review on the material.

R.D., San Juan, PR

The week in Florida has raised my confidence to levels I have not seen for the brokerage exam. I feel that the tactics given for studying target questions that were on the exam was very helpful.

Pittsburgh, PA

I was referred to Peter’s class by two of my fellow coworkers. Each of them have taken this class and passed the exam immediately following their attendance. After sitting in his class I can see why. Peter’s overall presentation and delivery were excellent and very informative. The material is difficult by nature, but Peter’s presentation broke the material down into easy to follow segments with a logical progression. If you have unsuccessfully taken the test or are taking it for the first time, I highly recommend this class and I will share my opinion with others.

D.S. Baltimore, MD

I just wanted to thank LTS for helping me pass the April Customs Broker Exam.  The program along with classroom time is exactly what I needed. You and Joan were great. I would recommend your program to anyone wanting to take the exam.

J.T. Pt. Wentworth, GA

Excellent study program. The combination of the textbook, cheat sheets, and previous exam analysis allowed me focus my energy and pass the exam with flying colors!

Katy, TX

I would like to thank all the staff and instructors at Logistics Training Systems. Your materials, tips and ALL of the guides in the Students corner were INVALUABLE. I read over all of the many tips for tabbing and items to bring into the exam several times, at least monthly. My supervisor and I took the course and exam together and people were amazed at how organized and stress free we were on exam day. So many people were on their 2nd, 3rd or even 8th  (yes 8th) time taking the exam, I really attribute our success (both my supervisor and I passed) on your course and materials from LTS!

Jacksonville, FL

I passed. I could not have done it without the Logistics Training Systems materials and all the pep talk emails and on the spot support from Peter during the days leading up to the exam. His input on previous test questions was very key on helping me get those last few difficult areas down. I took everything into the exam with me and I ended up needing all of it. The cheat sheets really made the difference on answering more than one question quickly and correctly. I got help from previous test questions that were identical that I had tagged by area.

Houston, TX

This open book test is not easy!  Therefore, plan on studying for 6 months or more.  It is important to follow the Logistics Training System to a tee and to do practice test after practice test.  Don’t skimp on tabbing your study materials either and don’t over think the material.  Logistics Training System gives you all the information you need to pass the test.  No supplemental material is required and may only serve to confuse you more.  Stick to their program and study.  You’ll find that finding the material is the key so make sure you spend time organizing your reference materials and practice.  I had no brokerage experience.  I have never worked in the industry.  Maybe for me that was an advantage because I only knew what I was learning from Logistics Training System.  And their system worked for me!  

Jacksonville, FL

I credit the course work from Logistics Training Systems with helping me pass the Customs Broker Test.  I totally enjoyed working through the chapters at my own pace and appreciated the support of the entire team throughout.  I thought the textbook itself was an outstanding resource, and I used it quite a bit during the exam.  The information in the textbook is outlined in a logical, clearly stated manner that pinpointed the answers needed for the exam.

Since this was my first exposure to the processes involved with customs and clearance procedures, I can only point to the excellent materials provided by LTS.  I’m still in awe that I passed my first time taking the exam, but you can do it with the right study materials!

Allentown, PA

  • Logistics Training Systems, Inc. materials really helped me prepare and also take exams. I mostly used the materials from Logistics Training Systems, Inc. during my exam.
  • Ms. Jenkins timely advice/e-mail was always helpful
  • Five-day course is helpful for busy professionals as we were forced to be away from the office and focus only on study.
  • I highly recommend the five-day course if you want to take exam once and pass. One time investment of your time and money you will not regret.

Phoenix, AZ

I would like to thank LTS for their valuable guidance; they help you to keep motivated and make the studying process easier to comprehend. For me the most valuable tool was the textbook-it has exactly what you need for the exam; but you have to study and follow the instructors directions. I would recommend this to everybody but specially to the busy professional. 

El Paso, TX


This course has given me the information, resources, and support I needed toward my goal of obtaining my license. The web site has so many resources for you to listen to, and all the extra needed materials to help me understand the regulations. The instructor was easy to approach with questions and gave me the moral support to help me understand the materials, when I didn’t understand the materials. He took the time to explain it to me, so I could understand it.

I got more out of this course in the time frame of 3 months than I have found in any other course in the last 2 ½ years.

M. G.
Raymond, ME

I thought that the LTS combo distant/in person Orlando program was instrumental to my success in passing the brokers exam.  That being said I did spend 1-2 hours a day 6 days a week studying for 3-4 months.  For me I really needed to delve into each chapter and understand the material.

Hopkins, MN

I just want to thank you because with all your guidance and help I was able to pass this test.  Every single detailed explained to us by Peter at the 5 day class was helpful.  I had a lot of questions from your textbook on the exam or very similar.  Now is time for me to celebrate thank you for all your help.

San Juan, PR

I LEARNED A LOT. The Textbooks, and all of the other materials, were very helpful. The teacher was excellent. He was very patient and answered all questions. I loved the Students Corner; it is very clean and easy to work with. All the videos are very well made,  I will recommend this to all of my friends who wish to take the Brokers Exam.

Deltona, FL

First, Thanks to you, Peter and all your Team in this Big Challenge, as you were so friendly and helpfully in every sense of the word. Your team is the best in what you do and for that, there’s no doubts!! I made my exam with full knowledge on the themes presented and if had Doubts I was able to find the answer in the fastest way. The Textbook, References and workbook are so, so complete.  So complete that I can say that if you know the subject and studied well, with LTS materials, you can achieve almost 80% of the examination without seeking, the 19CFR or the HTS, the time frames wow, No Words!!!


This course was very comprehensive and covered all of the areas in the HTS and 19CFR. Mr. Moyer has many years of experience, and it shows, his explanations are clear and concise. I truly enjoyed the class and highly recommend it!
Thanks LTS!
Laredo, TX

I am very excited to say that I was very fortunate and passed the exam.  Thank you for all your encouragement and dedication to all of us in getting us ready.

Jacksonville, FL

I just received the good news from the CBP Broker Management office, and I passed the Customs Broker License Exam. Though it is one of the hardest things I ever pursued, it is very satisfying to know that all that hard work paid off. The LTS program played a key role in my success. Using all the materials and following plan laid out in the Logisticsts program, I felt very prepared for the test, and after appealing one question successfully, I received notice of my passing grade. Thank you LTS, your encouragement and feedback, along with the 5 day course, helped push me over the top. I fully recommend your program to anyone interested in taking and passing the Customs Broker License Exam.


You need to know what you are doing to pass this exam. With the class, materials and the teacher’s knowledge you can understand and learn all the Techniques needed. I just wanted to say thank you, I passed.

Miami, FL

Because I am a relatively new attorney and a solo practitioner, it is extremely important to me that my time and money is spent wisely. I took the CHB License course with LTS to augment my international trade practice, and if I could get my CLE requirements met for the next few years for each of these Bars, I will be able to save time and money in having to go to other (time-intensive and costly) CLEs.

Just writing to tell you and LTS that I called the Tampa port this morning and they told me I passed. Thanks for all of your help.

Tampa, FL

I wound up both passing the April Exam and receiving full CLE credit for the course from the New York Board of Continuing Legal Education, despite being initially turned down by the Board. Once the Board saw the course materials—including the HTS, the Regs and the practice exams—I think they were convinced that the course was more in-depth than most law school courses. What do you think of that?


I am new in the broker business. No actual experience. The LTS material took me from ground 0 and scared, to a good understanding of how to enter the business, get the license, and start my own brokerage. All in about eleven weeks, including work travels. It was challenging, but the LTS material made it doable and fun!

Pittsburgh, PA

The five day classroom:

  • It was a good review
  • It identified my weak points
  • I met a lot of people with various backgrounds
  • It was nice to be out of the house and responsibilities of the house for one week
  • The instructor was very competent and helped me understand many area’s which I did not understand before.

Orlando, FL

I have been in the International Logistics business for my entire career. Even though I worked with import brokers, it has been great to learn the rules and processes of US Customs. This knowledge will help me to better represent my company to customs agents and freight forwarders.

Lindon, UT

It is well worth taking the five day classroom. It will help you put you studies into perspective and gain priceless knowledge and preparation for the exam- GREAT COURSE ALL AROUND!

Huntington Beach, CA

I liked that everything was presented in a manner that was relevant to taking the exam. The instructor was great and it helped having others around with different experience levels to get different opinions.

Kansas City, MO

I had attended the other online course, which is too simple! Yours is very detailed, plus everyone I have had contact with either by phone or e-mail was very friendly and helpful and most important the responses was very quick!


I just got a call from Customs HQ, and it turns out my score was a 95% which according to HQ was the highest score in the country on the October exam.

Vienna VA

This is just a note to thank each of you for your invaluable help in my preparation for the Broker’s License Exam. I just received word from the port at Norfolk that I did indeed pass the exam! (I actually called the port myself, and the customs agent was able to tell me over the phone. :)) At any rate, I wanted to let you know that I believe you have a great program for preparing people for this test, and I would whole-heartedly recommend LogisticsTS to any potential test-taker.

Norfolk, VA

I know I could not have done this without the LTS books, emails, live training, and the advice of the experienced LTS staff. I will continue to recommend this course to anyone who decides to venture down the path towards US Customs Broker.

Orlando, FL

Received my official letter stating I had passed the exam. I want to thank you and all at LTS for the training, words of wisdom, EVERYTHING that you provided, in getting me to this point. I would recommend you to anyone who was thinking about being a broker, and would definitely recommend they take the in class instruction just before the exam. I really think that is what “put me over” in being ready to take the exam.

RIo Rico AZ

I confirmed with the port that I passed the exam! Wooo hoo!

Thanks for all the help!

Warrendale, PA

Terrific News, I passed! I can say with 100% confidence that I would not have passed this test without the guidance and knowledge of LTS. How anyone is able to pass this test without your guidance and expertise is a mystery to me. I want to thank you for all of your emails of encouragement and always being so positive and reassuring. It has been over a year that you guys have held my hand to ensure I passed this test. Thank you for always being so prompt in answering my calls, my emails and my cries of help when I felt overwhelmed and confused.

Now that I’ve cleared this hurdle and work toward the background check, what the heck am I going to do with this license? So many new opportunities await me! The good news is the background check takes 8-12 months so I have plenty of time to formulate my plans. The first thing is signing my name with CHB! OH YEAH!

Jacksonville, FL

The course was awesome, Peter is a great instructor who not only gives you a thorough grounding in the regulations, but in the testing environment as well. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Tucson, AZ

I decided I would take the exam four months prior to the exam and the LTS distance learning course was recommended to me by a stranger. I am a very busy working mother and was not sure I would have enough time to commit to this endeavor. I am glad I followed the advice though, as I passed it the first time. Their study materials and the way they teach truly prepares you to take this exam. The one week class prior to the exam was invaluable! Without it, I surely would not have been successful. Moreover, I really enjoyed the people in my class. I hope we are lifelong friends. Thanks LTS!

Modesto, CA

I want to say THANK YOU, to LTS. Staying with the program, studying from the text books, taking the class the week before the exam (and I think this was key, as it is so fresh in the mind, nothing to distract between the class and the exam), I couldn’t of done it without you!!!!


I certainly could not have passed the exam on my first try (emphasis mine) without the course from LTS! The textbook and instructors have managed to translate the 19 CFR and HTSUS into a language that we can all understand a little bit better. The chapter review and previous exam questions were extremely helpful in getting the “feel” of the actual exam on a subject by subject basis. But most of all the constant encouragement from the instructors helped keep me from giving up.

New Orleans, LA