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We wish there was room to put down everyone’s comments, but we had to limit this to just a few, besides there are just so many ways to say I PASSED! Because of our Privacy Policy we never release our Students Names:

I’d been toying with the idea of taking the Customs Broker exam for years now and had looked into a few programs but what completely overwhelmed. A coworker of mine passed the October 2018 exam and he steered me toward Logistics Training Systems. The textbook did a great job of breaking down what was written in the 19 CFR and highlighting important points. In addition to the textbook being a great resource, having so many practice exam questions and analysis presented in a neat package right in front of me was also incredibly helpful. I completed the course material, two timed previous exams, and I went back and did review questions in areas where I felt I struggled. I also liked that I could interact with others who were studying through the bulletin board. My peers were often able to clarify concepts that I didn’t fully understand. It wasn’t just a study guide, but also a support system. I can’t say enough good things about the program and how it was set up.

East Rockaway, NY

Thank you for your guidance and assistance throughout the Logistics Training program for the April 2018 Brokers Exam. I am excited to say that I passed on my first attempt! The textbook and reference workbook were certainly valuable resources during the exam and continue to be useful in my day-to-day activity.

Oradell, NJ

Compared to a previous course I had taken, Logistics Training Systems does a much better job of translating Customs regulations into easily understood language and examples, and in pointing their students to the most relevant information for the exam.  LTS also emphasizes learning the tools to quickly cross-reference and identify the correct regulation, which is invaluable for those surprise questions that deal with unfamiliar topics.  The textbook and study aids are great resources, and the course was much less expensive than other available programs.

Milwaukie, OR

The books and study materials were well written and effective. The most important concepts were outlined in an easy to understand format. The regular email communication from Joan was extremely helpful to remind folks of what they should be focusing on. 

Gurnee, IL

I passed the April Exam!!!!! I’m so excited! I would like to say thank you to LTS for making the study guide so easy to use and understand. This is my second time taking this exam and my first time training with LTS. I wish I had this training course the first time around. This is well worth your money. You have to study, study, study and then study some more! stay calm, positive and you will pass like I did. Good Luck! 

Woodruff, SC

I passed the exam! It was my first time taking the exam and I’m glad I do not have to take it again.  It was so nerve wrecking!  The online course was so helpful.  I think the biggest help (for me) during the exam, was the cross reference index.  It allowed me to find/confirm answers very quickly and move on to the next one.

Eden Prairie, MI

As a single mother who works full time, I needed a program that could teach me what I need to pass the Customs Broker Exam.  The material that LTS had, was so user friendly, easy to work through and without a doubt what made me pass the exam!

Marblehead, MA

I decided to try to prepare for the April exam in early March.  I knew that I did not have much time.  The Logistics Training Systems program was recommended to me by one of these prep courses leaders who understood my time restriction.  I needed a home study / online program which I could follow at my own speed.   Having been involved in import/export for many years, I was familiar with many of the surface processes involved in customs brokerage.   But in order to pass the exam, I needed to get much more familiar with the layout of the regulations as well as the many different aspects that a customs broker might get involved or lend advice.  The LTS program fit that requirement perfectly well.  The most effective training tool for me was the online videos, where the instructor guides the student through all the major areas of concern.  Using the videos as a familiarization tool to the regulations, it was much easier to do follow up readings/highlighting/testing.  

Hard to believe that I signed up for the course on March 4th, studied everyday with the LTS materials, and passed the exam on April.   Admittedly I had an advantage of being involved with import/export for many years.  But I am confident in saying there is NO way I could have successfully prepared for this exam without the excellent LTS materials and organization.

Camas, WA

I really couldn’t have passed the test without the LTS material. I read the entire textbook and did every review question, previous test question, classification question, and scenario question that was in the workbook. The only material I didn’t cover was NAFTA because I ran short on time. I probably wouldn’t have missed the two NAFTA questions if I had studied over that material.

My brother was supposed to take the exam with me but the Wednesday before the exam he had to have emergency gallbladder surgery and consequently had to miss out on the exam on Monday morning. He paid over $800. It came with big binders and 8 DVDs. Even with all that he was asking me questions which the LTS textbook covered. His materials just briefly skimmed over valuation and classification whereas the LTS material spelled everything out. In my opinion, valuation and classification are the single most important topics to learn. I was really disappointed with the materials my brother had purchased and I was worried he would have trouble on the exam. His materials didn’t even come with the required directives. He had to print those from the CBP website.

Overall I was greatly impressed with the study material I purchased from LTS. For what I paid, I believe I got a tremendous value for my money. I will highly recommend the LTS material for the April exam for my brother and anyone else who is interested. I found it to be very discriptive and very easy to understand.

Pearland, TX

The textbooks you provided organized the information in a logical progression and made it much easier to understand. In the exam I actually used the textbook on the non-HTS questions about 80% of the time. I do not think I would have passed the exam with a 95% without this program.

Salem, VA

In my experience, Logistics Training Systems was a critical facet in my ultimately passing the quite difficult Customs Brokerage exam. The CFR19 material and HTSUS material ran almost six thousand pages. It was rather difficult to absorb and handle and too impractical for use as a regular study guide. The textbook however acted as an index for the CFR19 providing useful guidance. It was like a road map to this potentially confusing material allowing one to know where to go, and what to expect.

As to the online material, I found it valuable in passing the exam along with Joan’s emails and the analysis of the questions. Absent these, I might not have passed.

I really appreciate the time and organizational skills of the Logistics program and have already highly recommended Logistics to others, especially those with some language barriers.

The textbook, workbook and online materials, together, made the subject matter interesting, rather than a monotonous retrieval of CFR19 requirements. It was like driving a car with a GPS and new tires rather than driving in a blinding snowstorm of data with bald tires. The ride was smooth, efficient and lead to a pleasant destination: a passing grade!


As I signed on for the customs broker exam, I started to look around for a study course that fit my budget. LTS seemed to offer the most competitive rates compared to other courses on the web. I was little skeptical about LTS because of that. I thought I would just get what I paid for, so I wanted to look around little more and find the best course possible. As I only had 1 month to study (I decided to take the exam on September 1st), I had to study most effectively and efficiently. After comparing different courses for more than a few hours I decided to go with LTS thinking that if it was not so helpful, I would just spend more hours studying my 19 CFR and HTS. Well, as it turned out, LTS had very accurate and helpful information summarized in its text books. I almost could have taken the exam from the text without even looking into 19 CFR. LTS also provided additional information that was need for the exam. I could not have done this without LTS. Bottom line, as I told my good friend last weekend, why spend more or why look for anything else when you can have the most helpful study course at the most competitive price! I wish someone had assured me of this when I was looking, so I could’ve saved those few hours trying to decide which course to take. With LTS courses (and of course with your willingness to study hard to pass) you will not fail because of a study course. I have proved it.

Memphis, TN

I cannot say thanks enough for your support. The program is definitely student centered. The 24hr access to the tools and resources found in the student’s corner, proved to be of great help while burning the midnight oil; I also found the breakdown of the books to be a great guide. The text book provided a complete clarification and understanding for each topic, while the workbook was a challenge it was not overwhelming. Your updates and words of encouragement were always right on time; they thru were a blessing and especially provided true during my points of frustration, pity party moments, and my what now or what next in life moments.

Thanks so much for being there; just knowing that you were there and available for me made preparing for the exam easier.


I just can’t believe what I read when holding the letter from CBP in front of me. I have passed the exam with a score of 77.5%. I didn’t feel good at all after taking the exam. When I got the LTS answer from you, since I didn’t mark my answers on the booklet, I only remember the few questions I was not sure about and found I gave the wrong answers for all of them (around 10). So I told all my friends “I think I didn’t pass the exam.” However, I did.

I originally intended to take October exam. I purchased the package from you by the end of June last year. But since it was very hard for me to concentrate on the books at that time, I didn’t apply for the October exam. By the end of last December, after I had joined the Extended Studies Program, I had still only read little more than one third of the textbook. Starting from January, I put all my time and energy into studying. I did all questions both online and on the workbook, and spent the last 16 days finishing 10 previous exams your website provided. I didn’t read the 19CFR at all, but still tabbed it. During the exam, I only used the textbook, workbook, HTS and my notes, plus the cheat sheets LTS created. I was so not familiar with the 19CFR, that’s why, even though I had 30 minutes left, I still couldn’t find the answers for the questions I was not sure about.

Anyway, all I wanted to say is that I am so lucky to have chosen LTS. LTS made me achieve my goal. You are the best.

Note from LTS Management: While is shows both the accuracy of our textbooks, and the amount of detailed content, we do NOT recommend that you only use the LTS textbook to pass this exam!

Rego Park, NY

I would not have passed the exam without the guidance of LTS workbooks! They provide the tools that capture the important information that you MUST know. In addition, the give you excellent summary cheat sheets and guidance on how to pass along the way. I truly believe it is not only knowing the information but how to pass this exam. If you are completely dedicated but need direction, LTS workbooks will get you on the path to success.

Detroit, MI

I just got my letter from Customs, yesterday. It confirmed what I already knew. I am one of the select few who passed this time around. The results came quicker than I had anticipated. I want to express my sincerely gratitude to Logistics Training and the Enhanced Online program. It made a difference in my passing. If there is anything else I could do to help future students, let me know. I will be going into business for myself.

Carson, CA

I am way beyond impressed with your organization. Excellent excellent excellent…

Philadelphia, PA

The study materials were great, I used those more then the regs. Your company was able to take a very complex set of information and translate it into a book that made it organized and understandable. I think the whole experience taught me that luck favors the prepared. And having your textbooks made a very tough exam a little easier.

Folsom, PA

Thanks for all of your help! I passed with a 91.25%.

Detroit, MI

I would recommend LTS to anyone wishing to pass the CHB exam. The amount of material that must be absorbed is pretty daunting at first, but LTS has created an excellent program that allows the student to absorb the necessary materials in easily digestible pieces. I personally used the self-study program and found the textbook and workbook to be excellent guides and used them frequently during the actual exam. I would also recommend the audio and play it as often as possible.

Thank you LTS for helping me succeed and reach my goals. I couldn’t have done it without you.

San Jose CA

I liked your online self study program a lot. I enjoyed the video programs on valuation and trade agreements, because I could repeat them as many times as I needed. The reading material is very easy to understand. I also liked the exam analysis from previous years, it helped me understand “why and where” of the answers. My special thanks to Joan, she gave me suggestions, support, encouragement, and told me not to gave up. I passed the exam with a 90% score. I never thought I would be able to accomplish this goal. I don’t have a degree, but the online program offered by LTS helped me a lot, along with self discipline and motivation which is always another key to success.

Thanks very much, Logistics Training Systems.

Rowland Heights CA

There is no way in the world I could have passed the exam without the help of the Logistics Training Systems’ course. I cannot thank you enough for your contribution to my success. Without the help of the programs and study materials, there is no way I would have passed the Customs Broker License Exam. It helped me to focus on what was important and ensured that I was adequately prepared the day of the exam.

Woburn, MA

It is HARD; I believe that whoever took the exam before all agree with me. English is my second language; it makes it more difficult to me than other people. I found the LTS study materials to be excellent in preparing for the exam. I follow all direction provided by LTS. I spend at least 4 hours every day going over the chapters in the textbook and highlighting in the HTS and CFR. I did all the practice tests, read all the analysis and comments to the answers provided by LTS. It really helps me understand clearly why the answers are what they are. I just did…. I believe that people like my background, they also can do it if they follow all direction provided by LTS.

Monroe, NJ

I just wanted to say “thank you very much” for all your support. I passed the exam. To me, everything was hard first, because I came from Japan 2 years ago and I am not English native. I have same license back in Japan but everything is way different here. Thank you again for your helpful advice.

Torrance, CA

Yesterday I received notice from CBP that I passed the exam with an 82.5%. Thanks to Logistics for all the supportive e-mails over the last 5 months. This was my first time taking the test and I very much appreciated the numerous e-mails reminding me to study, and providing key information before and after the exam date. I especially appreciated the haste at which you posted Logistics’ answers to the test. Having an idea of whether I passed or failed that soon after the exam certainly elevated some of the angst.

Washington, D.C

I passed. And I suspect your brokers are right about the pass rate, the test was much more brutal (IMHO) than many of the previous ones. Thank you for all of your help and I have recommended you guys to others studying for the exam. I hope the person I was pushing picks your textbooks for the October exam – I think he might have passed if he’d been using it. *sighs*

Blaine, WA

I missed 16. 80%!!!!!!! Wooooo-Hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! I’m so glad I passed. I don’t know if I could have done this again. This was my second try and I studied so much and so hard this time around. I completely ignored my husband and kids for two months. It helped to have all the directives in one binder for easy reference. Again thank you so so so so much!!!!!!!!

Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for all of your help and friendly reminders! LTS was a HUGE help in my study process and I will definitely recommend it to all of my colleagues here at Expeditors.

Eagan, MN

The text book was extremely helpful. Before I bought your material, Itried to read thru the CFR and I had no clue what the reg is talking about.The text book helped me to fully grasp the concept of the materials Ineed to know for the Customs broker exam. After reading thru every singlepage of the text book, I have no problem finding where I need to find inthe CFR. I also like how you guys break down the format of the CATAIRdocs; easy for me to understand.

The audio is very, very, very helpful. I listen to it everyday on my wayto work and everyday on my way home. It helps me to remember all the VIPInfo.


Hawthorne, CA

I passed the exam. Wow.

Obviously, this was something of a lark for me, since I only studied for a month, and—as you told me on the phone when we first spoke–I had no idea what I was getting myself into, starting off with no industry knowledge and nowhere near enough time to prepare.

THANK YOU AND YOUR COMPANY for helping me to prepare in such a short amount of time. I would be more than happy to provide you with a testimonial RE: how helpful your course was in my preparation (it was essentially the only tool I used) and how valuable it was as an exam room guide (I definitely relied almost exclusively upon it during the exam). Your materials were, hands down, the best, most valuable and—obviously, from a results-oriented standpoint—ultimately effective in helping me clear this hurdle.

Chapel Hill, NC

Without having any knowledge or work experience in this customs broker field, I just chose to study for the October exam and just go for it. Among the great programs and courses the Logistics Training Systems offered, I went for the study at home program. Sometimes it was pretty hard to just study on my own, but I tried to follow all your instructions by reading whatever I had to read and doing every question in the workbook. Your emails of updates and encouragements truly helped me and kept on the track too. And I am very grateful for that!

With all of your help, and encouragements from everyone who knew what I was studying for, I could not have passed this Customs broker exam by 87.5%.

San Jose, CA

I just received the official letter (I passed!) yesterday. Thanks. Your company’s training program was awesome and worked great!

Farmington Hills, MI

It’s official. I received my letter in the mail on Thursday. I have got to say that without your program, I would not have known where to begin and am confident that I would not have passed on my first attempt at the test. I would highly recommend the study course. I have already recommend it to some co-workers who are wanting to take the exam. Definitely worth every penny and then some!!!!

St. Charles, MO

The audio and workbook program were excellent. I listed to the MP3’s everyday on my way to and home from work, on errands that I ran, etc. I listened to them over and over. They helped to solidify the material that I learned in the workbook and kept the important material fresh in my mind.

It was definitely due to the thorough and well put together training material that I was able to study the right information to get the passing grade.

Hastings, MN

I ordered the LTS textbook (and CFR and HTS) in mid-Aug. It was my first attempt. I found the analysis of past test questions to be indispensable.

Boston, MA

I have passed the Customs Broker, exam with the score of 78.75%! I sincerely would like to thank you for the great and helpful sources provided by Logistics Training Systems. My colleagues are planning to take the next Customs Broker exam and I would recommend LTS to them. Again, thanks for all your help, LTS.

El Segundo CA

I received my results from Customs this weekend, I passed with a 82.5%. I still have yet to calm down fully.

Your course was instrumental in helping me pass the exam. I followed the instructions in the text book, reading both the text book as well as the Regs. themselves, as well as taking the practice and past exam questions. I took past exams that your course provided both online and in the Workbook and found that method to be the most helpful overall in being able to pass the April Exam because it put me in a real-test situation.

I also took the text book with me to the test and used it several times when I was stumped on a question and didn’t know exactly where to find it in the Regs.

I have already recommended your course to someone who is interested in taking the Exam in the future, and I plan on recommending the course to anyone else who may show an interest in taking the Exam.

Baltimore MD

I was given your company’s name from my supervisor, as having great study material. I am new to this industry and knew nothing about logistics, or brokerage. I purchased the textbook and workbook, and audio. I spent 2 months studying. I found your study material very helpful. The CFR’s were so dry and hard to follow, your textbook explained everything easily, and clearly. I listened to the audio on my way to and from work each day. I took all the tests in the workbook. By the last week before the exam, I felt like I didn’t know what to study for next. With your materials, I felt like I covered everything I needed in order to pass the exam. The “cheat sheets” that are on the website were very helpful during the test. To be honest, I never even read the CFR’s in studying for this test. I tabbed some sections where I would need to look up a port code and that’s about it. I still can’t believe I passed this exam my first time… I would, and will, recommend your study materials and programs to anyone who plans on taking the Customs Brokers Exam. Thank you for your materials, the information provided on your web page, and the emails sent out during the days leading up to the exam. They were very motivating!

Seattle, WA

LTS is a great way to study for the Broker’s Exam. It can be so hard to get started, and figure out where to start, but with your training materials, there is a definite outline. If you follow the book and read the material assigned in the Regs, then you will pass the exam! The cheat sheets provided not only give you dates, but they give you the chapters the material is in, which helped me tremendously. It saved time from having to look in the index. If I had to take the exam again, I would hope to have the opportunity to use the materials and programs provided by Logistics Training Systems, Inc!

Romulus, MI

I enrolled in the self study plan and although was a little intimidated by the thickness of the books, I found the materials very easy to read. The text book was well put together and contained all of the necessary information relative to the exam. The workbook was also a truly valuable resource. Not only did it contain test questions but also included the directives and other references (which were used during the exam). The self study course was great but you only get out of it what you put into it and for me that was about 10-15 hours a week!! I would recommend this material to another.

West Chester, PA

Thank you Logistics training system. I chose Study at Home with Audio program. It was very helpful .The workbooks are very easy to read and understand. The CD helps refresh my memory. I love it and definitely recommend this to everybody. THANK YOU !!

Long Beach, CA

I sure am glad I enrolled in your course. I learned things that I previously had ignored or did not pay any attention to. After going through your course, I was able to answer questions without having to look in the study material for every question. That’s the best $$$ I have spent in a long time. Thank you for all your help. I am beginning to feel like a broker already.

Colleyville, TX

The study materials provided by LTS are comprehensive and made all the difference when taking the customs broker’s exam (I scored 85% the first time around in spite of very limited prior experience with imports). The e-mails and tips sent by LTS staff were also very helpful and encouraging.

Arlington, TX

I was informed via letter from CBP that I have passed the October Customs Broker License Examination with a score of 88.75%.

In addition to my self-determination and hard-studying, I wish to express my deep thanks for your kind help during the past months. To me, I believe that several key decisions I made led me to the final success, and one of them was to choose Logistics as my studying program. The materials were well designed for the purpose of easy understanding and sufficient practice. Step by step, it guided me to grasp the necessary knowledge to approach the exam with confidence.

I found your program to be really informative and effective, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to pass the Customs Broker Examination.

Bronx, NY

I don’t know too many people that pass this exam on the first try…if it was not for your textbook I would not have been able to do this. I don’t know why someone thinks they can study for this exam on their own. It was simple with your program! Just read the chapters and answer the review questions and the old test questions. I used your books on the exam for prob. 80% of the questions. I only opened my CFR about 3 times…If it was not for your study program I would have never been able to do this. I have told EVERYONE..that the $$ is worth every penny!!

Charleston, NC

Thank you Logistics Training Systems for helping me pass the US Customs Broker exam…on my first try! There is no way that I would have been able to pass it without your help. Your materials were so organized and thorough. On an exam that requires you to find the answer quickly, your material allowed me to do just that. Joan was always there to help with any questions we had and the discussion board also helped to answer other issues related to the exam.

Thanks again so much. I highly recommend this program to anyone else trying to pass the customs exam- whether it’s their first try or their third!

Chicago, IL

I also really wanted to thank you. I bought your textbooks and, with absolutely no background in the field, read your workbook, read the federal code and the USHTS and passed on my first try. I really decided to take the test out of intellectual curiosity about how the nuts and bolts of importing work and your workbooks really made it understandable to a newbie.

Bainbridge Island, WA

This was my fourth attempt at this exam and it was the format and layout of the LTS study materials that got me through it. The textbooks were extremely helpful, user friendly, and overall a just a great tool. I had a co-worker use them last October (he passed his first time!) and decided to purchase them myself for this time around. I will be recommending LTS to everyone in our company that is planning on taking the exam. The steady communication via email was very encouraging and helpful! The website was also extremely helpful and those practice exams, where the answers are interoperated, were the best!! This program fit my style of studying perfectly.

Thanks again!!

Ogdensburg, NY

Though I don’t have the official letter, I talked to the import supervisor at the port of Charlotte last week and he said I passed. Thanks again for a great training system. It was perfect for me!

Duncan, SC

The LTS system allows you to get through the 19 CFR and pull the most important information out. The support materials and the multitude of practice exams gives you what you need to make sure that you ready to take and pass the exam. Overall, I am very happy with LTS and know without the this program, the test would have been more difficult and I would not have been nearly as prepared.

St. Paul, MN

Finally, I passed the examination!

I read the book over and over until I remembered what the next page was. I listened to the CD over and over until I knew what the speaker would let me know next. Without the textook and the online program of Logistics Trading Systems, I couldn’t start to study broker examination, because English is my second language and I never study any regulations ever.

Thank you very much Logistics Trading Systems and staff.

Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to let you know that with the help of your textbooks, I passed the test on the first try.

Columbus, OH

I again want to thank LTS for all the help and support. I do not think I would have passed without your help and guidance. I achieved a passing grade on the Brokers Exam, but it definitely was a “group effort”.

Howard Beach, NY

I would like to say that this program has been great for me. If a person puts the time in to go through the manual, work book, as well as go through CFR’s and HTS Editions, they can take the exam to pass. I learned what I needed to know from your course. I would recommend to anyone else the same course in order to pass the exam.

Thank you very much to you and your team! Your words of encouragement and updates helped me strive and learn!

Sagle, ID

I received my official test results for the CB License exam – the news is excellent – I scored 88% and as we all know this is a passing score!! Yet I have to say that this could have not been possible without the sharp assistance kindly provided by all of you at Logistics Training Systems.

I’d like to extend my compliments to all of the professional customs brokers at Logistics Training Systems for creating a comprehensive, consistent and “full coverage” training program, that “steered me” the right way throughout the entire course. I did like the methodology of the study material as well as all the practical examples given in the book.

Having in mind that English is not my mother language I should say that I was very happy to discover that this program managed to present a rather complicated material in an easy and understandable way.

Least but not last – sincere THANKS to Joan Jenkins and her whole “student support team.”

Please keep up the good work as well as your sense of humor!!

New London, CT

Thanks for all of your helpful tips over the past few months. I passed by a few points (with 77.5%). Your guidance definitely helped!

San Francisco, CA

I received my letter today. I did indeed pass as I thought.

Thanks for your all your help. This round I’m sure was extra hard on you folks given the delays and such on Customs’ part.

Just so you know, I’ve been in the freight forwarding industry for 7 years, have dealt in some import operations, but have never processed one single customs entry in my life! I never would have passed this were it not from the valuable material from Logistics TS. I will recommend you to anyone considering sitting for any upcoming exam.

Once again, thanks.

York, PA

The LTS textbook is the best kept secret in the industry. I passed on my first try, with LTS’ help. I wouldn’t have known where to start, otherwise…

Phoenix, AZ

I passed the Customs Brokers Exam. I want to thank you for all your hard work over the past months. I do not think that I could have passed without your help. Thanks again and I hope the other students who enrolled in the program achieve the same results.

Queens, NY

I wanted to thank your company on the wonderful courses you sent me for the Customs Exam. I passed!!! It was my first try and I did it. But… without your courses and assistance , it would not have happened. My sincere thank you.

Des Plaines

Its official, I received my letter saying I passed.

I have been involved a specific industry doing Customs work and I knew I had the self discipline to take an independent study course. A friend recommend Logistics and I chose to take the Enhanced Online Program. The material was well organized and the quizzes provided valuable experience in preparing for the broker exam. For anyone who has already had a general introduction to Customs, I would highly recommend the Logistics Enhanced Online Program. Thanks for helping me pass the test on the first try.

Bartlesville, OK

I just wanted to let you know that I have passed the Customs Broker’s exam with a 78%. Thank you for keeping us updated with the status of or exam scores. The study material was very helpful and I saw myself using them throughout the exam.


I passed…Thanks to the entire Logistics Training Systems staff for all your help. I feel your program breaks down the material into easily understandable sections, provides direction, and focuses on the important elements that make up the exam. I would recommend your program to anyone who has trouble getting organized, and needs reinforcement to better understand key concepts. With time being the biggest factor to overcome, the textbook and timeframe sheet saved me 45 minutes alone, which allowed me to complete the exam. I would also like to thank Joan for taking the extra time to keep me updated with information after my course had ended.

Niagara Falls, NY

Well, it is my second try at the exam, and I just received notice that I had passed. Most of the questions I got wrong were at the end of the exam. I was getting a bit rushed at that point, and should have done better. Thank you for your assistance in getting through the study material.


I passed the exam!! I think your training course enabled me to get “the big picture” as well as become more familiar with the exam materials. During the exam I used my time wisely and I was able to look up every question. I felt more confident in myself and my ability to navigate through the materials. I have recommended your course to everyone who asks “how did you do it?”

Charlotte, NC

I just received my exam results from Customs – I PASSED !!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Considering I have virtually no experience in Customs brokerage and have been out of the workforce since 2000 (I’m a stay-at-home Mom), I’d say that your program is magnificent!

Minneapolis, MN

I just wanted to share the good news that I passed my Broker’s Test!! I passed with a 78.75%. I have to say I was surprised to see that I passed after I heard the passing rate was very low and this was my first time taking the test. But I know you’re study guides really helped. I don’t think I would have passed without them!

Thanks for your help!!

Langhorne, PA

I passed the exam thanks to your study materials. I had no previous experience, so it was truly your program that gave me what I needed to learn and the information to pass the test. you have a solid product!


It is HARD; I believe that whoever took the exam before all agree with me. English is my second language; it makes it more difficult to me than other people. I found the LTS study materials to be excellent in preparing for the exam. I follow all direction provided by LTS. I spend at least 4 hours every day going over the chapters in the textbook and highlighting in the HTS and CFR. I did all the practice tests, read all the analysis and comments to the answers provided by LTS. It really helps me understand clearly why the answers are what they are. I just did…. I believe that people like my background, they also can do it if they follow all direction provided by LTS.

Monroe, NJ

I want to say thanks for a good course and I have already recommended it. I got my letter for the exam – 92.5%!! I am the talk of my workplace, it seems that they have never seen a score that high before!

Edison, NJ