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We wish there was room to put down everyone’s comments, but we had to limit this to just a few, besides there are just so many ways to say I PASSED! Because of our Privacy Policy we never release our Students Names:

These people passed the exam:

I took the test in October 2023 and again in May 2024. I had the LogisticsTS Basic Study program for both tests but I did not utilize the program during the first test like I should have. I failed by 3 questions in October. The quick reference sheets are an absolute must for the exam. For the May exam, I had the textbook, the workbook with all the practice test questions, the associated answer sheets, the quick reference sheets, and had spent a lot more time going through the material to prepare. It was a huge help during the test the 2nd time around. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to pass the CBLE.
D.H. Milford, OH 

To me the LTS Basic Study At Home Program definitely equipped me to prepare in a mindful and structured way. This program presents each CFR topic in the same order you were to use it in a real-life scenario. Going through the CFR section + the review question and then doubling up on the previous exam questions which are packed by topic. Highlighting and cross-referencing. There is NOTHING else I would recommend. It is important to mention I come from logistics with no background in compliance. And yet able to pass. Thank you LTS team for making this material and preparation more digestible!! 
E.A Elmwood Park, NJ

The LTS course helped to home in on the key elements to study. Taking the time to read through each chapter of the textbook, complete end-of-chapter and previous exam questions and reviewing the answer key analysis made all the difference, especially for the classification section. When taking the exam, I rarely had to open up the regs because LTS outlined a large majority of the needed information in the textbook and student corner reference materials. Additionally, the instructors were always quick to answer questions and provide guidance to clarify any uncertainties. So glad I registered for this course!
J.S. Charlotte, NC

The staff and coursework of LTS was instrumental in providing me with the proper education and tools to pass the Customs Broker exam. To the extent that I was able to source the majority of correct info on the actual exam from the coursework itself. Bring all of it with you to the exam!
For future students: Don’t skip any of the tips that LTS offers for passing the exam, they are each incredibly important. Also, make sure to check your emails, as Joan will send you emails that will literally make or break you passing the exam. Often when I found myself thinking, how am I going to pass this, there would be an email from Joan that said something like, “don’t panic! This test is a beast, but you’ve got it, keep studying!”
Also, I would advise going through the old exams, a lot, it really does help.

N.E. Big Sky, MT

I participated in the Study at Home with Audio program. The course is set up for success as long as you follow the Textbook. The “cheat sheets”, labeling suggestions, and audio were key to passing the CBP Exam on my first time! Being a full time employee, wife, and mother of two I would not have been able to do this without LTS!

M.Q. Jacksonville, FL

The LTS study materials and course were both extremely well thought out and really helped me begin to navigate the CFR. Joan was a superstar keeping us up to date with any deadlines for the exam, additional study materials, tips, and anything else pertaining to the test. More than that she was there, week in and out, encouraging us to press on with our studies and assuring us that hard work pays off. I’m really thankful for their commitment to training brokers to prepare for this exam.

D.B. Miami, FL

I could not have passed without Logistics Training Systems. The material points out everything you will need to take the exam. Along with many words of encouragement and easy to flip through books Logistics Training Systems has allowed me to take this exam and pass easily the first time taking it. Thank you for helping me to become a Licensed Customs Broker!

A.W. Yale, MI

I wanted to inform you that I received my letter and I passed the exam. Fortunately I was one of the few who had very minimal issues at my testing center.  I just want to say thank you for all of the help and constant updates over the past 3-4 months. As a father of 2 kids this was a huge undertaking for me but your course definitely made all of this information easier to understand and apply. My personal favorites were the audio chapters which allowed me to review on my drive to/from work. This is one more step in the right direction for my career. I really appreciate all of your efforts. Thanks again.

Brisbane, CA

I believe that LTS has an excellent program, and have recommended it to other colleagues that have an interest in taking the exam.  Reading and reviewing the study material provided is key. The overall program is very detailed and covers a great deal of what you need when preparing for the exam.  When you reach the point of taking the practice tests it is very helpful having the LTS version of the answers as you it can help you understand what you missed and recognize the areas that you need to strengthen. I am so glad to have been referred to their program to prepare for the exam as it gives you an excellent base for where to begin and how to stay on track.   

Jacksonville, FL

I highly recommend the LTS training programs for anyone, regardless of age, looking to pass the customs broker license test.  The LTS instructors and study materials provides you nearly everything you need…the only thing missing is your motivation.  If you are serious about passing the test and invest the time, there’s nothing that will hold you back with LTS on your side. 

Brooklyn, CT

Just wanted to send a quick thanks to the LTS team for all the help with passing the exam.   I used the basic self-study program, did exactly as the syllabus said, and passed on the first try.  The material is great and affordable, in fact I still keep it at my desk for quick reference.   I will certainly recommend it to others in the future.

Plymouth, MN

The  Material was very useful and abundant.  My biggest suggestion to new people is to complete as many previous exams as possible and print these off and bring with you into the examThis year’s exam had a lot of questions from previous exams.  Joan’s emails were very witty and provided welcomed humor during the grueling months of studying.

Vestavia, AL

I wanted to say how impressed I was with your program. I believe it was essential to my passing the test on the first attempt. I can’t recommend your company enough. The value of the program was exceptional.
Monroeville, PA

I took the US Customs Broker exam for the first time and I passed! I could not have done it without my Logistics TS material; it’s worth its weight in gold. I purchased the “Basic Study at Home” program and started about 3.5 months prior to the exam and followed it exactly as it was laid out. I tabbed both the 19 CFR and HTS as instructed and then customized it for myself closer to the exam day. The only other thing I did was that when I was one month out from the test day, I took the four previous exams (one on each Sunday). I found this helpful because with each one I took, I found myself more confident with the next in being able to maneuver around between the textbook, regs, HTS, & the reference book.
During the exam, I would generally start with the textbook and then go to the 19 CFR to verify my answer. Many times the answer was straight in the textbook. The Logistics TS quick reference sheets & book were a huge timesaver. They freed up more time that allowed me to work on the classifications and valuation questions longer.
I’ve already recommended Logistics TS to several colleagues. As long as you stay on track and follow the instructions, they provide you with the tools you need to pass the exam.

Lincoln, NE

Logistics TS allowed me to study at my own pace. I was able to study as much or as little as I wanted while still progressing. The Chapters encompassed all of the information that ended up being on the test, almost word for word. The Logistics TS textbook ended up being my go to resource for both studying and taking the test.

Beverly Hills, MI

  I just want to thank you and your staff for the class – I have to say I felt it was more than worth the price!  I paid for the study at home class.  The materials were worth their weight in gold during the exam, I referred to the textbook and the references almost 90% of the time.  Everything was very clear and well organized, and I felt more than prepared for this exam by using the study materials provided.  This was my first time taking the exam, thanking my lucky stars I don’t have to take this again!  I don’t feel I would have passed had I taken this on my own.  Just wanted to let you know you and your staff did an excellent job!  Thank you all!  🙂

Tarpon Springs, FL

This was my first time taking the test, and I just wanted to let you know that I passed with a 86.25%. Again, I found your test preparation course extremely helpful and would recommend it to any prospective exam takers.

Valley Center, KS

 I got the letter yesterday and I passed! Now I can say without fear of “jinxing” myself that this was an easy test. I was fighting a terrible cold the day of the test and still managed to get a 86.25%. I also just had couple months of study time (I got my material sometime in February!). Any way….I’m very pleased!
Please know that I have and will continue to recommend your materials 🙂

Cincinnati, OH

I want to express my sincere appreciation to the staff of LTS who work hard to make the customs exam a little  easier to navigate. Faced with an overwhelming HTS and 19 CFR without an idea of where to start, the textbook, fact sheet, cheat sheet, past questions and answers provided me with a clear map to follow. My research confirms the fact that LTS course remains the BEST COURSE bar none. I will not hesitate to recommend the course to any one who wants to pass the customs broker exam.

Virginia Beach, VA

Just wanted to let you know that I PASSED the Exam!

I’m not sure of my exact score since I went back to a couple questions and I think I had changed the answers on my answer sheet and not my booklet, but it looks like I got between a 92.5% and a 95%.

The LTS study materials were just so helpful and I wouldn’t have been able to pass this test without them. This was my first time taking the exam, I only had 2 and a half months to prepare for it, and I don’t have any experience in this industry as of yet. If it wasn’t for the study guide there is no way I could have understood the material in such a short time, let alone pass with such a high score.

Tacoma, WA

It is with great pleasure that I inform you of my official passing of the Customs Broker Examination. I enjoyed the easy to follow breakdown of the regulations and format of test questions by subject. It was easier to process/master each topic that way. I highly recommend your Study at Home Course. I wish I had found it and followed it sooner….

I have forwarded the link to your website for some friends who may decide to take a try at this tremendous feat.

LaGrange, IL

I would recommend the LTS Study At Home Program to anyone taking the CHB exam. I know of several people who attempted to take the exam without the LTS program and consequently they had to take it multiple times before they passed the test. The LTS program was an awesome tool! It gave me structure and a guideline to cover all the basis. Yes, it may cost you a little more money then just studying by yourself, but If you can take the test and pass it on the first time (like me)… It’s worth every dime! Thank you LTS!!!

Palmetto, GA

Having previously taken the exam once before I was nervous about how to better engage and prepare myself for the CBP Broker Exam. Luckily, by the recommendation of a colleague who had passed the exam previously, I came across LTS. The textbook made the exam a much less stressful experience and helped to increase my CBP Regulation navigation skills. I did pass on my second attempt.

West Point, PA

My exceptional thanks go to guys at LTS for the wonderful guidance, encouragement and support during the coursework. I shall add that the textbook provides about 80% of the reference points and I will treasure mine at any point in my career as the handy BIBLE. I thank you so much and will always refer aspirant – colleagues to go to LTS to prepare for CHB coursework. 
Carteret, NJ

I thought odds were against me since I had no experience in customs brokerage and that I had only 7 weeks to study for an exam with not-so-high national pass rate. To give myself a fighting chance, I decided to faithfully follow the guidelines, advices and tips given in the textbook and Student Corner. I dedicated 2-3 hours of studying every day and more on weekends. I read a chapter of textbook first, CFR reading assignment next and then answered workbook questions. I tried not to take short cuts, took time to get the materials labeled/organized and stopped studying for a nice family dinner the day before exam; ALL these as instructed by Joan, the invisible helping hand at Logistics Training Systems. And it worked; I passed! If I can do it, anyone can, too. Thank you LTS.

Redondo Beach, CA

LTS was a HUGE help with my studies for the Customs exam. Their textbook was awesome and highlighted the most important areas of the regulations and tariff schedule. The tips and advise they gave were extremely useful. Tabbing is a huge deal and they stress the importance of tabbing the materials. Also, practice quizzes and exams contributed to the success of my passing score. The workbook with the previous exam questions and classification questions were great and I really focused on these in the last week of my studies. I was able to pinpoint my weaknesses and strengths with this part and knew where I needed to study more material. I can’t see how I could’ve passed without their help and support. Thanks LTS!

Baltimore, MD

I’d like to start by saying that I began studying for the exam exactly 11 weeks before test day. I had absolutely no previous experience with logistics, customs brokerage, nor had I taken any gov’t exams since high school. Passing the exam became my life’s ambition and for 11 weeks I diligently spent several hours a day reading, answering questions, and prepping the 19 CFR and HTS. I passed with an 82.5! LTS provided me with the necessary information and insight needed to accomplish this goal, and I just wanted to say thank you.

Humble, TX

I passed the April exam with a score of 75%. It was my first time to take the test. I liked your system; the old exams with explanations of the answers was really helpful, and I also liked that you posted your versions of the answers to the actual test so quickly and accurately. I also loved your affordable price. I have already recommended Logistics TS to a friend.

Bethesda, MD

I passed with a score of 88.75!

Thank you and team for being the architect of one of the greatest accomplishment of my career.

Taking the LTS course should be a requirement not an option!

Humble, TX

I successfully passed the exam with 80% thanks in large part to your program.

The Textbook and on-line questions were extremely helpful. I approached this exam differently. Instead of diving into the CFR-19 for conformation of the answer,I referred directly to your textbook and cheat sheets FIRST!!. I found the answer often in the Textbook or a Chapter Reference referring me to the referenced CFR-19 chapter quickly, if needed. This step saved me valuable time and calmed the nerves quite a bit. Your on-line Students Corner was very helpful, particularly with the explanation of how CBP determined the answer. It showed their thought process and I was able to understand what was being asked which calmed my nerves a bit.

To any student contemplating purchasing your course, I say your course is a MUST.

Your course was simple to read and understand, beautifully laid out and concise in the information provided. It explains complicated legalize into an understandable set of facts, procedures, rules and regulations.

Thanks again for all your help and support,

Houston, Texas

LTS offered an excellent program for my needs. I just advised ICPA that LTS offers a variety of study options and the costs are reasonable when compared to other Customs brokerage prep classes.

Thanks again to you and your team for providing the tools to be successful with the exam.

Rochester, NY

I have received confirmation from CBP that I have successfully passed the exam with 80%. I wanted to send a note thanking your company for their support and training materials since they were instrumental in my ability to pass the exam. Of particular note was the Textbook that allowed me to find the chapter in the CFR-19 the question referred too, if not the answer itself. It saved me a lot of time. I appreciate all your support from the Students Corner in answering all my questions also.

Katy, TX