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The US Customs Broker License Test!

Everyone learns differently. Everyone is unique in what they need to learn as well as in the way they learn. Our programs draw from an unprecedented assortment of learning assets‚ so that we can provide complete‚ coordinated and highly tailored courses that respect your individual learning style.

The Orlando Classrooms, the Distance Learning, and the Miami Classroom Programs are approved by The National Customs Broker & Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA) for 20 credits toward the Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) designation. Additionally‚ some of these are also approved by THREE Bar Associations for Continuing Legal Education! We are the only US Customs Broker License Training School in the nation‚ to have this distinction.

Years ago‚ at the turn of the century‚ when we first started teaching US Customs Broker License Training‚ we decided that all of our teachers must hold a US Customs Broker License‚ with either a law‚ CCS (Certified Customs Specialist)‚ corporate training‚ or teaching background. Today many are also members of (International Compliance Professionals Association) and all of them are currently working as Customs Brokers and/or Customs Consultants. Because of this‚ our instructors teach with the authority that can only be gained by working in the field as a US Customs Broker! Be sure to read our students comments.

Since we update our materials at the beginning of each semester, our courses are never static. For the 2017 semester we have added to several chapters in the textbook, and since the backbone of any training program is a good textbook‚ we invite you to read a Chapter from our 2017 textbook. Be sure to check out the Table of Contents, so you can see for yourself‚ how we have made the Customs Broker License Training process‚ which covers time management‚ test reference, understanding of the US Customs Federal Regulations‚ and the Harmonized Tariff Schedule‚ clearer and easier to learn.

All of our programs are a phased approach to learning. They include elements of self-study, textbooks, videos, and question-and-answer sections. Part of the challenge of content creation is making sure it continues to be relevant. Whenever a major change in the law or an additional requirement for the exam occurs during a semester‚ such as it did for notable exams in the past: the October 2004‚ April and October 2005‚ April and October 2007‚ October 2009‚ and the April 2011‚ we simply post the change(s) and/or requirement(s) to the Students Corner of each class. This allows the student to immediately incorporate the new information into their studies.

We have added several new BUNDLED choices to our program list. Our Bundles include the program, textbooks, the current edition of both the 19CFR and the HTS, plus if you don't pass the exam, we will extended your studies into the next semester. All of this with a savings of up to $315.00! Yes‚ even the best can get better!

We have continued to expand The Distance eLearning program for the 2017 semester by adding the new 2017 edition of the Textbook to the Students Corner and by updating the On Demand Video Reviews of the textbook, for end of class reinforcement. YES! Now, if you are traveling you do not have to pack those heavy books, all you will need is a PC or Ipad, and an Internet connection, to study anywhere in the world! A true convergence of technology‚ process and techniques‚ this program is very popular with our students‚ and they have told us‚ very helpful with their studies. In redeveloping this course we did not walk away from fundamental learning methods‚ instead we worked hard to provide a learning strategy which offered the best in e-learning and increased internet interactivity with an instructor. We are sure this is the course of the future and may very well replace the traditional classroom: The Distance Learning Program.

Other changes this semester include:

  • The Reference Book contains all the required references‚ such as the CATAIR‚ and Directives‚ in one easy to locate source.

  • We have expanded our Workbook‚ which now includes an updated section on Classification Questions, and Previous Test Questions.

  • We have redesigned all of the Students Corners.

  • The Enhanced Online‚ Miami‚ Distance Learning‚ and the Five Day Programs continue to have Streaming Video Lectures on Valuation‚ Classification and Special Programs.

  • The very popular On-Demand Video Reviews of the textbook are now available to our Basic with Audio and Enhanced Online Students.

  • Our expanded audio is in MP3 file format.

Be assured‚ that with Logistics Training Systems‚ you will always be studying with the most innovative and with the most current materials possible in US Customs Broker License Training. For a complete list of all topics included in our Textbooks go to: Summary.

Logistics Training Systems has been to China! We held a series of seminars on "Importing from China into the United States‚" in China. We are the only US Customs Brokers License Training organization to have been invited to China. We strongly feel that by helping the Chinese Shipper/Manufacturer understand both the US Regulations and the need for clear and concise invoicing‚ we have also made things easier for their US counterparts... you!

Prospective students are encouraged to check with their employer for tuition reimbursement programs‚ we will gladly supply your company with any information needed to reimburse you for your tuition.

TAX DEDUCTION OF EXPENSES: An income tax deduction is allowed for expenses of education (including registration fees‚ travel‚ meals and lodging) undertaken to maintain and improve professional skills. Please check with your Tax Advisor to see if you qualify.

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